A 58,000 Sq. Ft. Marketplace

featuring 250 merchants under one roof!

Antiques, Furniture, Vintage Items & Collectibles & BBQ!

Merchant Square Antique Marketplace is known for its captivating selection of Antiques, Furniture, and charming accessories; offering quality, selection, style, and great prices.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service, with a friendly and efficient team of management personnel, floor staff, and cashiers. It is our goal to make sure everyone that shops at Merchant Square has a wonderful shopping experience.

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Whether you are looking for military surplus, vinyl records, vintage books, period clothes or hats, vintage signs, automobilia, action figures, mantiques, dolls, home décor, home furniture, or even just kick knacks, you’re certain to find it at The Square.

So come on in and fall in love at the Square, we would love to see you here! Ask us for tips on how to do crafts yourself, or where you can find that special purchase for you or a friend.

Our Arizona location is conveniently located at 1509 N. Arizona Avenue, 1 block south of Warner Road in Chandler, Arizona. Our phone number is (480)-792-1919.

Our Independence, MO location is 17730 E 39th Street, S, Right next to Target! Our phone number is (816) 868-8697.

250 Merchants Under One Roof

Experience an endless variety of unique finds

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Customers ❤️ Us

I found a great deal on a antique clock. I love that there are many different vendors in one place!

This is an amazing place to find gifts .. home decor…furniture.. and all kinds of treasures! The cafe has amazing food! The staff are so helpful and knowledgeable. They care🛒🛍👛🙂

John Hoffman

Great place to visit, shop and eat!!! Best cookies ever!

Efficient employees and an incredible selection. I always find something to bring home, even if I'm "just looking". They have delicious food and a huge, huge, selection! It's hard to keep myself away. It seems like the perfect place to spend everyday ❤️

Ms Travel

I'd you like to collect anything this store is for you. They have practically everything you need to start out on your own. Practical items like dishes, furniture and decor for your new place. Great place for kids going to college. The picture is a magnet of my dog

Rachel Ewell

Massive vintage shop with a pretty big mixture of all kinds of treasures. As it is with many vintage shops, from booth to booth, you will find a variety of different collections from records to beanie babies to pottery and art. There’s also a huge selection of locally made food items like popcorn, sauces and more. I feel like I’m general the vintage dealers leaned towards more country/farmhouse vintage but I feel like everyone could probably find something they might collect or love. Plan to spend a decent chunk of time here - I think I ended up spending around two hours!

Large antique venue. Nicely presented. Some booths were a little crowded to get through. There is a Smokehouse resturant there which is REALLY good. Nice that you can shop some, eat, rest and continue.

American pickers come one, come all you may find grandma's old ring here. After shopping have lunch at the American why dinner for awesome Barbecue.

It's a really cool shop. It is big so be prepared to spend some time looking. But WOW they have some finds

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